The Art of Matchmaking Blog Series: Step 4 – Leadership Development

The Art of Matchmaking Blog Series: Step 4 – Leadership Development

In the last blog we onboard millennials with snackable training, fun and fast-paced activities. Now this employee had demonstrated leadership potential and it’s time to move to our fourth step; Leadership Development.

There is a difference between a high-performance persona and a high potential leader. Let’s think about that hot-shot sales rep that not only over achieves the monthly quota also has the most charismatic personality that everybody loves. We tend to promote those individuals into management positions for later understand that they didn’t have the right mindset to be a successful leader. According to research, 40% of internal job moves made just by looking or assessing abilities end in failure.

The reason these high performering individual contributors fail often comes down to three critical factors: Aspiration, Engagement and Leadership Behaviors

  • Aspiration – Does the candidate really want the position and is willing to make the sacrifices it may require?
  • Engagement – How engaged is the employee to the company and its goals and mission.
  • Leadership behaviors – Will the candidate perform based on his beliefs about leadership or from the company’s success competencies model?

High Potential Leaders are people entrusted with a high level of responsibility, it stands to reason that managers and future managers will greatly benefit from a thorough assessment of their personality and skills. The organization should develop their own leadership competency models based on a set of traits and behaviors associated with success in the company they have.

Itr3s is licensed-partner with Great People Inside, the first global platform to create and customize assessments, to help organizations match talent, skills and values and identify management potential from several different perspectives taking in consideration their organizational culture. Some dimensions we can select for creating a High Potential Leadership assessment are: Assertiveness, Engagement, Initiative, Leadership, Managing Generations, Strategy, Vision and VUCA Approach.

In addition to implement an effective customized assessment program you can use these Top 5 Questions below to help you more effectively identify high potential managers and start designing a development program:

  1. Does this person inspire confidence in his or her decision making?
  2. Can this person lead through persuasion and influence?
  3. Can he or she serve as an effective sounding board to others who are struggling with complex issues?
  4. Do others trust this person to lead projects and teams, even though he or she doesn’t have a leadership title?
  5. How do unexpected changes affect this person’s performance?

Organizations need to be sure they are assessing employees not just for the present, but for the future, looking at not only what has made people successful, but also what is likely to be important for the high-performance employees, their professional growth expectations and the strategic business goals, mission and vision.

Live to inspire, ignite & impact…one person every day!



Magda Vargas is a Corporate Culture Matchmaker who helps purpose-driven leaders to inspire their people & ignite the necessity for innovation, learning and growing to impact retention, engagement and revenues by creating a powerful, joyful and collaborative workplace.

Before starting Itr3s Consulting, Magda worked 11 years as Executive Recruiter, HR Generalist and Recruitment and Staffing Manager. After a successful career helping HR managers, top management and business owners, Magda now teaches and advises them on how to increase retention & engagement by focusing first on culture fit and then on skills, experience & talent.

Magda attributes her success to mentors’ positive advice and encouragement. She believes that to be able to serve and contribute to the world we need to consistently look for inspiration that will show our path to happiness and fulfillment.

Magda enjoys South Florida salty-life and road trips with her husband and 2-daughters.

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