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The HR Management app will keep you at the forefront of today’s people management strategies; including best practices, industry news and information about key HR sectors.

The HR Management App is packed with a ton of information for busy HR professionals on the go including exclusive featured content and up to the minute HR news headlines, videos and blogs. The App also includes the latest HR Job listings for the USA, UK, NZ, Australia and Canada plus information on featured industry providers.


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  • These days Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a matter of science fiction. Quite the contrary, it is everywhere around us. Personal assistants in your phone or PC such as Siri and Cor...

  • Every business owner wants to get the very most out of their employees, and there’s nothing unusual about that. If you want to make sure that your business grows and thrives in the short-ter...

  • When there are hundreds or even thousands of people applying for the same job, recruiters don’t have time to spend ages going through each CV. In the majority of instances, they spend second...

  • Many business owners want to cut down on their HR administration. Few know how to, however. While you might think of specific ways, you’ll want to make sure that this doesn’t negatively affe...

  • Human Resources is the heart of any company, no matter the size or location. Because of your department, you procure, secure, develop and implement every employee in the building. You are, i...

  • One of the hardest processes that a business has to exercise is the process of hiring new people. The time and money it takes to bring in someone, train them into a role and get them familia...

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