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The growth and popularity of mobile marketing is growing every month.

Here are several reasons why it pays to be a HR Management App service provider:

  • Direct Access to an Engaged HR Audience
  • Reach HR Professionals, Business Leaders and Decision Makers
  • Cost Effective Direct Marketing delivered personally to potential buyer’s handsets
  • Generate Leads, Enquiries and Sales from the world’s leading companies
  • Higher User Engagement than any other comparable medium
  • Permission Based Marketing
  • Focused Branding
  • In app company listing with redirect to your website
  • Unlimited featured article submissions
  • Promote your events
  • Advertise special offers for your products/services

App Statistics

App Launch – December 2011

Total App Installs to date: 222,783+ (targeted organic installs)
Android App Installs: 141,215+ (targeted organic installs)
iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Installs: 81,549+ (targeted organic installs)
Email Newsletter Subscribers: 12,490+ (unique subscribers)

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