The Role Of HR Leaders In Powering Digital Transformation

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The Role Of HR Leaders In Powering Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a popular discussion topic within HR and other fields in recent years. Yet, most of the time, strategical methods to approach this matter are not included in these exchanges of views.

HR executives should involve all employees within their organization in the digital transformation process.

Use of cloud-based Multi-Rater Survey platforms will enable you to reach out to colleagues across the organisation, to ask for their insights, recommendations, and relevant challenges faced by their department which are related to digital transformation.

Involving all colleagues in the organisation will boost buy-in, increase engagement, and ensure the strategy is aligned with the needs of each department.

This will also improve the company culture by promoting a more inclusive role of each employee in the strategy.

Why digital transformation is an important move for organisations

Failure to implement internal communication strategies and gain employee buy-in will result in a failure of your digital transformation policy.

Gaining buy-in across the organisation is important, to ensure the needs of each stakeholder are met. Making decisions in ‘silos’ means the solution will inevitably run into problems because it won’t be aligned to the needs of each department. This will lead to inefficiency and further complications down the track.

Most effective approach to improve HR functionality

The HR function and the organisation will move forward if they ensure that employee feedback is not only collected, but also acted upon. This involves integrating the demands of each department into the total solution. Collecting but not acting upon employee feedback will cause frustration and make them feel as if they wasted their time completing the surveys.

Challenges for HR leaders during the process

The main barrier which could arise here is employee resistance to change. Certain populations within the organisation may see no issue with the present system and may view digital transformation as unnecessary and/or a waste of resources.

To overcome this barrier, it is important that the benefits of digital transformation are clearly communicated to employees. Said benefits include a better employee experience arising from more efficient processes.

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