Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity


Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

As the years go by, we’re hungry to learn how to work faster, create better, and prioritize smarter.

Our careers seem to speed up, and we want to keep up. One thing that remains unfailingly elusive – is time itself.

We can’t make more time, and we certainly can’t save it. But we can learn how to manage it better, so we ourselves can become better.

Here are the top three tips that will change not just how you work, but how you live as well.

1. Use help from apps to boost your natural skills

Oftentimes, the tools we need to become more productive are already within our skillset. It’s just a matter of digging them out and brushing them up to perfection. It’s an adventure in itself to scour the app stores to find those that cater to that one key skill you need.

There are many great apps for time management you can choose from that can make a world of difference in identifying where you waste time or help you deal with distractions. A focusing app with specific soundscapes, or a timer can teach you how to zone in on a task until it’s done.

So don’t shy away from small steps that could move mountains in your productive life.

2. Learn to prioritize tasks and opportunities

One of the best things you can do is to learn how to prioritize. Not every opportunity holds the same weight. Not every task is equally important. Which is why it’s essential to get to know yourself and your career goals.

Once you know what you want to achieve, it becomes much easier to filter out the noise. You can pass up wasteful opportunities in favor of something you’re more passionate about. That alone gives an incredible productivity boost.

Give away your time strategically, and watch how quickly your energy for work increases.

3. Start from your own behavior

Last, but not least, don’t rush to the nearest app store or grab the first self-help book. First, you should take a look at yourself and ask the tough questions.

Do you procrastinate?


What makes it so difficult to focus?

Is the work unrewarding?

Why can’t I work faster?

Don’t run from the difficult answers you probably won’t like. You can’t know how to solve an issue unless you know the cause. Maybe you will simply need an app to keep you disciplined. Maybe it will be a schedule or a lifestyle change.


These three tips are just the tip of the iceberg, and you are sure to find much more as you start analyzing your work ethics and schedules.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that there is no shortcut. No magical app or book that will make us go “Aha!” and solve our time management problem instantly. It takes a lot of trial and error. And to actually benefit from these tips, you’ll want to learn to be patient with yourself and actively learn from mistakes.


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clockifyNikola Radojcin from Clockify – free time tracking tool – nikola@clockify.me

Nikola always liked to keep things as organized as he could. That’s why he thrives on researching new time management and productivity techniques and sharing them with others.

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