Employee Appreciation Gifts: Why They Matter and How to Choose Great Ones


Employee Appreciation Gifts: Why They Matter and How to Choose Great Ones

Employee happiness is essential to workflow. However, 2022 research from Indeed indicates that 72% of Australian employees felt unhappy in the past twelve months. Frequent employee recognition through gifts can positively impact well-being: employees recognised monthly are 36% more likely than those recognised quarterly to be engaged and productive – and 22% more likely to be highly committed to their jobs. Now, while a habit of employee gifting may sound expensive, it doesn’t always have to be monetary; when it is, small but useful gifts can go a long way. Here’s why they are well worth the investment:

The importance of corporate gifting

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation for employees when they’ve completed a huge project, went above and beyond on a task, reached an impressive tenure milestone, and more. Previous research published in the American Economic Review found that gifts boosted performance by 25%, even more than cash. What’s more, these gifts don’t just result in short-term improvements. According to a 2022 holiday gifting study by Tremendous, 74% of respondents who received company gifts felt a boost of satisfaction for three months or more, with another 46% saying it lasted one year or more. However, unthoughtful gifts will likely go unappreciated. Some companies have famously missed the mark, handing out generic water bottles with emblazoned brand logos.

As previously discussed, collaboration is critical to creating an effective rewards program. Discussing with employees about the gifts they would like to receive may be helpful. This can vary per company; for example, if you have a lot of parents in your workforce, tickets to family-friendly activities would be appreciated. But plenty of unisex gifts are conducive to corporate bulk-buying, making procurement easy for HR while guaranteeing employee engagement and satisfaction. Here are some ideas:

Choosing ideal gifts

Functional gifts

As mentioned, employees usually won’t take kindly to tacky gifts that serve to advertise the company rather than appreciate its workforce. Choosing something they can use and enjoy outside of working hours is vital, which is why many companies have opted to use corporate gifting services for sunglasses; they are practical and stylish, protecting against UV rays for employees who commute to work. Options like the iconic Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classic from Sunglass Hut — which offers group sales for their range of sunglasses — feature green polarised lenses for protection; other brands like Maui Jim and Oakley have group sales as well. You can also give employees their gift of choice with e-gift cards that are redeemable online and in-store. Sunglasses are also helpful year-round, whether your employees are on a well-deserved summer holiday or want to protect their eyes from winter glare.

Gifts that encourage rest

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose work-life balance. Compassionate employers can provide their team with gifts reinforcing the importance of rest. To illustrate, eye masks like the Lula Eye Mask contain iron particles that begin to warm when coming in contact with oxygen. This creates a relaxing and soothing sensation for the wearer while releasing a lavender scent. Eye masks are helpful as they help restore employees’ circadian rhythms by blocking out any light that may keep the eyes and body alert for longer than they should. This is an ideal gift for employees who may be on the night shift or who are working on a particularly challenging project. Plus, eye masks can be bought in bulk and given easily to employees.

When giving gifts, timing is essential. Occasions like Christmas or Easter are good times to schedule employee appreciation tokens, such as specially curated gourmet baskets or a gift card to a well-known restaurant.

At the end of the day, employees can tell whether employers have put thought and effort into the items they receive. Regardless of the price, gifts that show you genuinely care for your team will be remembered – and thoroughly appreciated.

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