3 Powerful Ways Technology Can Foster Improved Employee Productivity


3 Powerful Ways Technology Can Foster Improved Employee Productivity

Yes, you want your employees to be happy, but you also want them to be productive.

In today’s competitive business environment, there are many ways you can foster a productive work environment where your employees are motivated, engaged, and feel valued.

After going through this blog post, you’ll discover THREE ways technology advancements can boost employee productivity.

#1 Makes Project Management Seamless

“Project Management Is Like Juggling Three Balls: Time, Cost and Quality. Program Management Is Like a Troupe of Circus Performers Standing in a Circle, Each Juggling Three Balls and Swapping Balls From Time to Time.” – G. Reiss, Professor for Experimental Physics, Bielefeld University

The first reason to consider technology to improve employee productivity is that it can make project management seamless. As we all know, the success of any project depends on many factors such as budget, deadlines, and people involved. A good project manager should have enough experience in managing projects effectively.

Project management software can help in this regard. It can be used by project managers to monitor their employees’ performance regularly and help them track the progress of their tasks. In addition, it will help them easily assign tasks to their employees and provide them with important reports they may need at any point in time.

#2 Simplify Time-Consuming Daily Tasks

“It Is Not Enough to Be Busy, so Are the Ants. The Question Is: “What Are We Busy About?” – Henry David Thoreau, A Popular American Naturalist, Essayist, Poet, and Philosopher.

Time is money. That’s why it’s vital to simplify time-consuming tasks.

A common way to make a task simpler is by automating it. For example, you can use an app to schedule reminders for your employees and ensure they complete tasks before the deadline. You can also set up Google Calendar or another calendar app so that every employee can access their calendar and input their availability for upcoming appointments.

However, specific tasks cannot be automated, lead generation is one of them. If you don’t have a pool of qualified marketers, it is a no-brainer to hire a trusted B2B agency such as saleshive.com. They will help your business reach out to customers and generate leads from its website. Not only will their experienced marketers support you get more sales from existing clients, but they can also enhance your brand awareness through digital marketing campaigns.

#3 Improved Collaboration

“If Everyone Is Moving Forward Together, Then Success Takes Care of Itself.” – Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company

Another way technology can help foster improved employee productivity is through better collaboration. The ability to communicate with colleagues and other employees effectively is one of the most essential skills required for working in any team. But this ability is often limited by the technology we use.

The problem is that many still think emailing, texting, and chatting are the best ways to communicate. While these methods are convenient, they do not allow for long-form discussions or sharing of ideas. Research shows that using these tools for more than a few minutes can lead to poorer performance on certain tasks because you become distracted from what you are doing.

As a result, many companies have turned to video conferencing to improve communication between teams. Still, this technology has yet to catch on widely in businesses across all industries. Yet video conferencing has so much potential because it allows for face-to-face and video meetings where everyone can see each other’s faces and expressions.

In The End…

The future holds promise for business owners willing to adapt and embrace new technologies to help promote employee and company growth.

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