Fine-tune hiring with pre-hire assessments

Fine-tune hiring with pre-hire assessments

The science and art of hiring, retaining and properly matching people to positions and positions to organizational needs and culture is mission-critical.

Every business wants to hire quality people. Many will have a structured approach to the type of candidates they are looking for, that is, in terms of qualifications, experience and availability. Some recruiters will have fit-for-the-role tests and even benchmarks. But the organizations that invest in pre-hire assessment tools are the ones most likely to make quality hires that stand the test of time and best serve the organization.

Pre-hire assessments typically consist of a test or other tool that help determine which applicants are the most qualified and, in the best-case scenario, reveals their strengths, challenges, work style, communication style and other factors. Pre-hire assessments are often used to match candidates with job requirements and even with potential managers and the organizations publics.

The hard skills for any position are easy to determine: Proficiency in terms of the level of education, knowledge, experience and technical skills. More difficult to identify is the cultural fit to the organization and the character and behavior of the person that would be more likely to perform well and be successful in the role.

Understanding factors beyond proficiencies can make a crucial difference in hiring success. For example, revealing behaviors that could de-rail the organization during times of pressure. Biases that could de-stabilize teams and relationships with clients. Otherwise outstanding candidates that could become bored and turn to mischief.

But it’s not all about revealing potential problems. Pre-hire assessments uncover behaviors that can be invested in for future positions and career development. Pre-hire assessment tools help companies know, engage and grow their employees at a deep level, which allows them to develop plans and best utilize strengths to increase productivity.

Balancing the cost of pre-assessment tools against new hires that don’t work out and don’t live up to expectations demonstrates the power of the investment. And every organization wants to reduce turnover and build stability.

When recruiters have insight into understanding natural behaviors, which are often hidden during the interview process, they are better able make informed determinations about candidates, consequently building a more stable “people platform” upon which to grow the business.

Any form of pre-assessment needs to be fast as well as accurate. The labor market is such that quality candidates can be lost if the process takes too long. Requiring every candidate to complete a highly-validated discovery process will aid the selection process. In addition, when the candidates for interview are identified, questions can be formulated and targeted to the individual candidate.

Optimally, a pre-hire assessment should be on an online platform and should reveal: Talents, Communication style, Environmental preferences, Behavior under pressure, Reaction to change, Bias, Strengths and gaps, and Training and development requirements.

Having an assessment tool is integral to the hiring process. It ensures the business is future-proofed in that an organization is hiring not only the best possible candidates, and not just for today’s needs, but for the future – scenarios both known and unknown.

By Hugh Massie


Hugh Massie, Behavioral Strategist

CEO & Founder, DNA Behavior International

Hugh Massie is a global pioneer in the practical application of behavioral insights. A “reformed CPA” and serial entrepreneur, Hugh has since 2001 focused his efforts on his role as CEO and Founder of Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International. The company and its network, online and off, is a behavioral data and technology solutions business that helps individuals and organizations discover and leverage strengths. Hugh and his team make their validated, proprietary “behaviorally smart” technology available to clients via the internet; some clients incorporate the applications into their other systems. Hugh’s solutions have impacted more than 1.5 million people/year in 125 countries and 11 languages, including leaders 2,500+ businesses and 20,000 financial advisors who are now behaviorally smarter. “Understanding and leveraging behavioral insights can powerfully disrupt the work of individuals, teams, leaders and organizations in positive ways, including affecting the bottom line,” Hugh says.

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