WorkSimple’s Social Career Management Tool To Help Workers Showcase Goals and Accomplishments on Twitter, LinkedIn

WorkSimple’s Social Career Management Tool To Help Workers Showcase Goals and Accomplishments on Twitter, LinkedIn

WorkSimple’s Personal Edition gets better social network integration, helps workers showcase their impact at their organization.

WorkSimple (, the proven Social Performance Management provider, just rolled out a new version of WorkSimple’s Personal Edition, its employee-centric application for hassle-free career and performance management.

This latest release brings social accounts integration to the Personal Edition’s goal setting and career management mix. With that, WorkSimple’s Personal Edition now empowers you to showcase your accomplishments and impact via LinkedIn and Twitter.

“I used to track my goals and accomplishments manually, if at all. WorkSimple just makes this whole process easy, and I can easily generate a report to send to my manager about what I’m working on,” said Brandon Pershern, a graphic designer at Space150. “If you get reviewed based on your results at work, you need WorkSimple!”

The WorkSimple Personal Edition first debuted in March. The Personal Edition is designed to function seamlessly with how modern employees work today. Much more than a static resume, it centers on building a visual portfolio of a worker’s goals and accomplishments. WorkSimple captures the success an employee produces throughout the workday and helps their co-workers and managers see him or her for the rock star they really are.

“As the pace of work increases, employees-as well as freelancers and contractors-are having a tough time showing how their work impacts the organization,” said Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “Unfortunately, most employees have very little to show at the end of the year when it comes to work accomplishments-despite all the great work they did.”

WorkSimple’s Personal Edition release comes at the heels of an internal survey of more than 1,000 Personal Edition users. The survey reveals that 80 percent of users are interested in using WorkSimple’s Personal Edition for career management, while 75 percent are looking to build a professional work portfolio and control their professional reputation. Another 56 percent receive feedback only once a quarter or annually in a performance review. WorkSimple’s Personal Edition helps modern workers get more feedback more often.

“It’s clear that employees want to control their careers internally, but that’s often left to the dreaded performance review process that can’t truly capture an employee’s contribution toward the company’s goals,” Norman said. “This leaves the employee without an effective means to build a professional reputation or manage their career.”

WorkSimple’s Personal Edition puts career management back in an employee’s hands. The new features help them better manage, track and otherwise take control of their career and performance inside and outside the workplace with social integration. With a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, they can easily communicate progress toward goals, set a core career focus, share and preview files and more-and now they can share it via LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Our user growth skyrocketed by 300 percent since we launched WorkSimple’s Personal Edition,” said Ben Moore, co-founder and CTO of WorkSimple. “Clearly, there is a growing need for a new way to manage your career and performance at work. Our users want the simplest way to manage work, get feedback, and keep track of accomplishments.”

Today’s most successful employees manage their own careers rather than allowing their employers to offer intermittent feedback. They are setting and tracking their own goals rather than taking the career path that’s handed to them. Now, employees can do that with a collaborative twist, easily sharing reports with managers, posting goals to Twitter and LinkedIn, and showcasing their contribution to the bottom line in real time.

WorkSimple’s Personal Edition provides these key capabilities:

?     Ability to create and track Social Goals easily and quickly
?     Simpler Social Goal sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn
?     Improved visibility of Social Goal activity, comments and endorsements, progress updates, and organization by Focus
?     New collaboration around files
?     Improved feedback loops with colleagues

WorkSimple is reviewing usage and feedback from its Personal Edition and applying it to a major 4.0 release coming in late May. The 4.0 release will include leading innovation in the Social Performance Management space.

WorkSimple’s Personal Edition is currently in limited release. To request an invitation code sign up at:

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About WorkSimple
WorkSimple is the creator of Social Goals™: a fresh new way to manage careers, performance and results. As easy to use as your favorite social network, WorkSimple is designed for individuals, teams, and large organizations. Our Social Performance Platform gives a better way to share goals, collaborate, get feedback, and get your work endorsed. The Individual Edition is includes Social Goals, Portfolio, Endorsements, Media Sharing, LinkedIn Integration. Teams and Business can upgrade for additional functionality including: Social Goals™, Social Recognition, Get Verified, Feedback, Focus Boards, Activity Streams, Social Engagement Analytics, Company Performance Dashboard, Results-Driven Performance Review, and Administrator Controls.

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