The Campari connection: Linking employee engagement and business strategy

The Campari connection: Linking employee engagement and business strategy

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Put people first. That’s the message from beverage company Campari Australia. More than just the name behind a refreshing aperitif, Campari has a fresh approach to business as well.

The company launched its Australian operations in the middle of the global financial crisis, a time when many others were downsizing or struggling to stay afloat. By 2012, Campari Australia was one of the top spirits companies in the country – an achievement Vijay Kashyap, Campari’s HR director for APAC, credits to a focus on employee engagement.

According to Kashyap, people issues are at the core of the overall business strategy and it is this connection that brings results. And he should know – Campari’s people-focused success saw Kashyap named a finalist for the title of HR Director of the Year at the 2013 Australian HR Awards.

You can find out more about the Campari Australia story at the National HR Summit next April. Kashyap will discuss how to bring an Employee Value Proposition to life and the lessons learned from building a robust company culture that is engaging yet commercially focused. You will also learn some valuable home truths on the perennial issues of leadership, communication and diversity that all HR leaders need to know.

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