Increase the Value of Your HR Management

Increase the Value of Your HR Management


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Executives and directors want to know how each department adds value to an organisation. The efforts of the sales department can be easily measured and directly tied to the company’s performance. The accounting department has hard numbers to evaluate collections on accounts and how well they are meeting goals. But when it comes to human resources management, how can HR professionals measure and demonstrate where they add value?

HR adds value by supporting the execution of business strategy through developing organisational capacity. HR must constantly adapt to dynamic business objectives and be prepared to meet changing personnel needs. HR must shift from being a processing department to being a strategy provider.  Take these steps for an HR strategy that increases HR value and directly contributes to the success of the company’s overall goals.

Make HR Social

Social sharing has taken every aspect of business by storm, and HR groups that do not embrace the movement will be left behind. Social tools should be a significant part of the way you recruit, hire, develop, train, and manage employee relations. Use social to source candidates, assess recruits, and connect with your employees on a different level.

Build your reputation and ensure you promote your company’s brand as a great place to work. Use social tools to get discovered by the strongest candidates; this will enable you to grow the team necessary for your company to reach its goals. The results of great hires can be directly tied to the success of recruiting and the HR department.

Make your resources available on a social platform. Give employees as many opportunities as possible to connect with HR, management, and each other. Social technology within an organisation opens lines of communication and promotes the sharing of ideas.

HR Intelligence

Large sets of data are no longer just for accounting and sales. Increasingly, HR is collecting data on performance, training needs, benefits costs, and other numbers that could be used to achieve company objectives. Data can help save time and money by using trends to predict HR issues before they arise.

Performance data and employee feedback can be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your entire organisation. It’s important to have the technology in place to manage data, otherwise the amount of time required to manipulate results will be overwhelming. HR technology is constantly improving and software is available to completely manage your employee feedback. The right tools offer analytics that will find patterns predicting which employees perform best in particular roles.

Reinvent Performance Management

Everything of value is done in real time; employee reviews should be no different. Managers should have the ability to deliver feedback on a regular, ongoing basis, not just once per year during the annual review. Continuous feedback allows for faster recognition of both problems and successes. When reviews only occur once per year, you put your team at risk of failed communications and missed opportunities to improve performance.

This year, make the transition towards a system of more frequent and informal reviews. Use feedback technology to remove the administrative burden typically associated with performance management, giving your managers and HR team more time to focus on providing useful feedback. This will also give you more time to tie your review system to your company’s values and add elements to the review process that will build a culture of positive reinforcement.

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Author: Pete Alexandre

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