euHReka Expands HR Services Cloud through Partnership with Daxtra and Data Frenzy

euHReka Expands HR Services Cloud through Partnership with Daxtra and Data Frenzy

NorthgateArinso (NGA) today announced two major new partnerships to further enhance the job aggregation and resume parsing capabilities of its award-winning HR SaaS solution, euHReka. The partnerships will allow euHReka customers to directly publish job requisitions on thousands of job boards connected via Data Frenzy, and to import resumes in a structured format into euHReka, using Daxtra technology. Both partnerships are facilitated through euHReka’s Inclusion Framework — NGA’s Cloud Services Broker solution, which provides a standard, reliable gateway to critical HR resources and content by simplifying and accelerating collaboration and integration.

California-based Data Frenzy joins the euHReka Inclusion Framework to provide specialist tools in terms of job aggregation, managing and promoting opportunities across job boards globally. Current clients include the world’s largest staffing firms.

Keith Duarte, CEO of Data Frenzy states: “The greatest value of the Data Frenzy service is realized when integrated with the software platform that hosts job requisitions and candidates. The integration with euHReka offers clients the opportunity to connect their internal systems with external applicant sources. The euHReka Inclusion Framework was designed using the newest in technologies, providing the ability to connect with external applicant sources in real-time, which helps to decrease time to hire. With this partnership, Data Frenzy hopes to incorporate our platform into the native euHReka platform of all clients and drive efficiencies in staffing and recruiting.”

UK-based Daxtra brings extensive experience in resume parsing, converting free-form resume text into structured information suitable for storage, reporting and analyzing using a computer. Headquartered in the UK with offices in Edinburgh, London, Richmond VA and Hong Kong, its products are used by thousands of recruiters worldwide every day to help refine candidate searches.

“Daxtra is delighted to bring our multilingual resume parsing technology to the euHReka user base. The service is designed to reduce administrative overhead by eliminating manual data-entry during the applicant registration process, while providing rich, structured information from resumes written in various languages,” said Sergei Makhmodov, Commercial Director at Daxtra Technologies. “Partnering with NorthgateArinso will serve as a great vehicle to further promote both our companies’ solutions across multiple global territories.”

Eric Delafortrie from NGA said, “The value of the euHReka platform is not just in the industry-leading HR SaaS platform it provides but as a Cloud Services Broker (CSB) for critical HR resources and services — whether it’s across one, two or fifty countries. Both Data Frenzy and Daxtra have proven track records for expertise within their own specialist areas, and their inclusion will allow businesses tap into some of the most exciting, transformational HR tools in the industry.”

NGA will continue to develop partnerships with other leading solutions providers to manage a range of complementary HR services as part of the Inclusion Framework. Services from the new partners on the euHReka Inclusion framework will be activated into service to new and existing euHReka users and customers starting May 15, 2012.

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